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PDR Accessories Wedge & Straps

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tool strap
Art. nr. 6563


Tool Strap
Art. nr. 6562

Tool Strap with Suction Cap

pdr technique
Art. nr. 6545

Rope Ratchet

Tool Strap
Art.  nr. 6567

Roof Strap

pdr tools & accessories
Art. nr. 6564

Door Strap Deluxe

automotive product
Art. nr. 6563

Tool Strap

door jammer
Art. nr. 6503

Door Jammer

Art. nr. 6529


S hanger
Art. nr. 6558


Q ring
Art. nr. 6521-B


Window Bar Strap
Art. nr. 6523

Window Bar Strap

PDR accessories
Art. nr. 6518

Door Upholstery Remover

PDR accessories
Art. nr. 6539

Plastic Wig Model A

Art. nr. 6570

Plastic Wig Model B

Paintless dent repair accessories wig
Art. nr. 6571

Plastic Wig Model D

PDR accessories
Art. nr. 6507

Quick Board

2 Markers
Art. nr. 6527

Set 2 Markers

PDR accessories swivel hook
Art. nr. 6543

Swivel Hook

Stifften for PDR Technique
Art. nr. 6504 13mm

2 Nylon Punches

PDR accessories 3s hooks
Art. nr. 6511

3 S-Hooks

PDR accessories Doubbele S hook
Art. nr. 6591

Double S-Hook

Protector windows by PDR Technique
Art. nr. 6540

Window Protector RSV

Nylon stift whit magnet
Art. nr. 6565

Nylon Punch Magnet

windows remover pdr tools
Art. nr. 6536

Window Handle Remover

Art. nr. 6551

Gel accu

Kabel battery
Art. nr. 6552

Accu Cable