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PDR Tools Kits

Customers can buy by us PDR Tools for professional work.Dent Tools had been manufactured in USA for automotive industry.PDR Technician been finding here
namelly brand PDR Tools made with attention to details.
Paintless Dent Tools in the first place has been giving good stable precision and functionality, second all tools had been made from high quality steel, as a result they will giving for PDR technician always professional comfortable work.
In short , PDR kits tools would been  working without problems for fast breaking ect .So,we offer not only uniquely PDR Tools in Dent Repair Service but also permanent guarantee too.

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PDR Tools Set 8



PDR Tools  Set - 8 pieces Starter Set.


Our Starter PDR Tool Set is perfect for those to learing n Paintless Dent Removal. The set has all the important tools to fix dents. PDR tools will help you to make the removal of dents in a professional way and it makes work easier.

In effect we offer PDR  tools with lifetime warranty.

Price: €368,00

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PDR Tools Set 14

PDR Tools set


PDR Tools Set 14 pieces.


 Also, PDR Tool Kits - 14 pieces are popular as it belongs to the most widely used PDR tools in the automotive industry. So, the most PDR technicians are working with 14 to 16 PDR tools in the beginning.

We offer PDR tools with  lifetime warranty.

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PDR Tools Set 21



PDR Tools Set 21 pieces.


The  professional set of 21 PDR tools is the most popular set in our PDR Tools collection. Because the set makes work for PDR technicians much more easier in to get new places in the auto body. So all your dents will  be much better fixed.

We offer PDR  tools  with  lifetime warranty.

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PDR Tools Set 29

PDR tools for dagmage dents

De PDR Tools Set 29 pieces


We offer extra PDR Tools set for your job. The same as the previous PDR kits, this set has height precision too. Also in the PDR Tools set, you will find a unique combination of Paintless Dent Repair Tools and all of the most important accessories  for professional PDR service.

We offer PDR  tools with lifetime warranty.

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PDR Tools Kits 50



PDR Tools Set 50 pieces


Here is the complete, extra large Paintless Dent Removal Tool Set. The professional edition of this set for PDR technicians it will  allow damage to be repaired any place in the bodywork. All of our PDR Tools come from the USA and are being made from high-carbon stainless steel which has been treated a few times. So, small and large tools are very strong enough. 

We offer PDR tools with a lifetime warranty.

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