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Stand PDR Light – Paintless Dent Repair – Led Systems

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The Portable PDR Light for the dent technician.
Our light provides the single biggest advantage for doing quality PDR work.
The reflection lines created by such a light around the dent makes it much easier to determine where exactly the Dent Repair Tool or the Dent Repair Glue Tab should be positioned.

Ultradent light lamp pdr











  • Stand Dent Repair Light – Ultra Dent 12V
    The Portable PDR Light for the dent technician.
  • Art.nr6513-LED



Paintless Dent Repair led light

PDR light











  • PDR Portable 3 Led Light Extra Dimmer 12V
  • Art.nr.8513












  • PDR Light Stand 220 V
  • Standard edition PDR Lamp
  • Art.nr.6502