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Information PDR Tools Tec

Different TEC Tools in detail :

Customers will find here information about PDR Tools. Which Paintless Dent Tools you may need for different fings i.e. repair at the car body.

Every place in the car body requires a different specialized tool.

For example, our picture is showing the possibilities/tips  of PDR tools.
Terminals these tools are designed to eliminate the dent.
The tip of the TEC group is characterized by precision, high stability which reduces the PDR service time.

The Tools is divided into several categories, colors, and handles.

So , the TwenTec tool program contains 3 types of tools, with different colors on the handles:

    1. Black: the larger tools with a T-handle
    2. Blue: the smaller tools with a pistol grip handle
    3. Green: Special tools for specific applications

Finally, all the tools of a group of TEC are with  permanent guarantees.

Because of the high quality hardened steel , customers can use these tools for many years.

PDR Tool

Tool Explanation

The tool above is tool TW5422 . The description of the tool is : “Blade /9,5 x 660 mm / 75 mm Toe / 45° “ – Blade refers to the tip of the tool, a blade tip. – 9,5 x 660 mm refers to the diameter and overall length in millimeter. – 75 mm Toe / 45° refers to the length and angle of the tip.

Information Paintless dent repair


The smaller tools with a pistolgrip handle

Information tip by PDR tools
PDR Tool infotrmation


 Special tools for specific applications

PDR Tools all information

If you have specific questions about this tool, keep in touch with us via our contact page and we will give you an answer to make everything clear. You can send us a mail at or call us at +31 481 37 26 76. Our customer service is available from 9:00 till 18:00.