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Info PDR Tools

We ensure that every technician in Paintless Dent Repair can found individual PDR tools for work. The Tools is divided into several categories, colors, and handles.

So you  find here more  information about all kind of PDR tools  and PDR Tips in the automotive industry. On the picture is good  to see an almost difference between tools. Also if you have more questions  about dent tools take contact  whit us.

Paintless Dent Repair tool

Blade Tools are colour-coded yellow on the handles. Blade Tools are good all-purpose tools, allthough they don’t act as “soft” as the Ball Tools.

pdr tool
paintless dent repair tool red

Ball Tools are colour-coded red on the handles. Finally, the Ball Tool is a very good all-round Tool.

PDR tool ball
Paintless dent repair tool

Knife Tools are colour-coded black on the handles. So,they are frequently used to fix little dents. One of the best features of the knife tip is the way it tends to “grip” the metal.

Knife Tool in Paintless dent repair
PDR tools

Cutter Tools are colour-coded blue on the handles. So,cutters are good for finishing out dents and also they are good for working on doors and other vertical body parts.

PDR Tools
PDR Tool orange

Tri-Point Tools are colour-coded orange on the handles and the Tri- Point is intended for work on heavy thick metal.

Speciaal tools for paintless dent repair

Green:  At last special tools a for specific applications.

Special PDR Tools


If you have specific questions about this tool, keep in touch with us via our contact page and we will give you an answer to make everything clear. You can send us a mail at or call us at +31 481 37 26 76. Our customer service is available from 9:00 till 18:00.