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Here you will find selected trademark Dent Removal Tools and also  PDR Accessories to help you in dent repair work service. All Dent Removal Tools   made in the USA for the Automotive Industry. Because the PDR  technicians are looking for more professional tools, so  we’re offering a quality Dents Removal Tools produced with attention to the right profile and high precision in PDR technique . Finally, work in removing dents for a  PDR technician will be yet more  easier and at this same time shorter with less risk of broken tools.  Finally ,most of all  PDR  tools guarantee long work too and  also  reliability. So, that’s why we offer our customers lifetime warranty.

 IS QUALITY – in Technology PDR important or not ?

Because the PDR Tools are make  from high-quality steel, this  is especially relevant, as  all dent tools do not buckle and also don’t break during the  fixing  of car dents, no matter how long you work with them. Also, blade tip tools are designed for precision to remove dents which guarantee satisfaction with the finished results.

All of Paintless Dent Repair Tools help you easily to liquidate a  dent in an auto body panel and they are matched to the highest technology of PDR.

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Customers will find in our assortment of  PDR tools of many shapes, with a wide variety of tips. An important function for the tools is possibility to reach almost any part of the vehicle. So  are will be  come more specialized in dent repair. One of the most important advantages of dent tools  are  their  practical end optimal precision. Also, the correct length and extra hardened steel will be  helpful in paintless dent repair work. Futhermore , PDR tools and their function can be read on our info tools page.

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